Starport - Characters

Players can create a Starport Character for use in internet games. Characters gain experience points as they battle in Starport Internet Servers. After the character has received a certain amount of experience points, they gain a level.

Characters acquire credits weekly, based upon their level and Faction. These credits can be used to purchase new Ships and ship modifications.

At lower levels, Characters have very few options for Customizing their ship, which in turn affects the player's play style. As they gain levels, more interesting ship configurations are made available so the player can take full advantage of their desired play style by creating a customized fleet.


ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is a Projectile-Based Tactical game set in the distant future.

Players battle each other on roads in space, called Hyperchannels, as they pilot massive Ships capable of firing a wide variety of Projectiles.

Multiple Ships with varying attributes are at the player's disposal as they progress in level and earn credits throughout the ongoing war.

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